Tours and Excursions can only be contracted if you reserve
the rental of one of the Houses or Villas

Our car rental service helps you get the advantage of traveling conveniently through the countryside and reach nearby cities as well.

In addition to a wide variety of cars to choose from, we also offer comprehensive car rental deals to suit your needs and budget during your stay, no matter how many days you stay.

Since there are many interesting sporting activities in different areas, rent a car and drive to enjoy sports in the surrounding area, such as skiing, hiking and fishing.


  • AVEO —————–$860.00
  • VERSA ————— $1,150.00
  • CAVALIER ———–$990.00
  • SENTRA————–$1,200.00
  • JETTA A6———— $1,250.00
  • JETTA A7————-$1,350.00
  • ALTIMA————– $1,495.00
  • SIENNA LE———–$2,500.00
  • SIENNA XLE PIEL –$2,500.00
  • SPRINTER———–$3,500.00

All rates are in local currency and already include VAT.


Do not forget to request this service when reserving your villa.


$50 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

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